Diny's Dolls

Diny's Dolls

zaterdag 14 mei 2011


This is Anneke.This is my first doll.When I was a very little girl ,about 3 years old., my daddy took me to a dollshop.
I remember there were a lot of dolls, He lift me up and I may pick one!  Out of all that dolls I did not pick the big ones or the ones that good do something or the ones with beautifull hair....
No I picked a little one and I loved her with all my little heart.
I did not no that she was expensive and my daddy was not a rich man. Maybe she was the most expensive doll of the shop but my daddy bouth her for me because I picked her.She was the doll I wanted.She was my baby for all my childhood and I played with dolls untill I was 14 years old.
 After that wherever I go she goes with me full of sweet memories.......

Many years later on a fair in Germany I bought this clothes and shoes for her. I think she looks very pretty in it.

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  1. Wat is het toch een schatje,geweldig dat je haar nog hebt.


  2. HELLO,DINY:-)
    I can admit-she makes the impression:-)
    What beautiful and stylish clothes!
    Suddenly I thought,how she is different from all those dolls I had,when I was a child...I didn't have the blackskinned...even one and I don't know why.Maybe they did not produced them that time :-) BUt I remember-my daughter had three blackskinned Barbie dolls-she loved them very much.
    Your doll is special.A real treasure among others.It's so nice,You have kept her.
    Warm Hugs-Halinka-

  3. Och wat een schatje Diny. Wat een heerlijke herinnering heb je aan die tijd. Ze ziet er perfect uit.
    Ik heb mijn 2e pop ook nog en is ong.55 jaar oud. Mijn eerste pop uit mijn babytijd is jong 'overleden'. Jammer hè.


  4. I have one doll from when I was a child and one from when my mother was a little girl. My doll was given to me from my great aunt Becky. It was her doll. I never played with her, just kept her safe. The one from my mother was given to me 30 years ago and I've been taking care of her too. Non of the dolls I played with as a child are still with me. You are lucky to have your favorite doll with you still.

  5. Anneke is beautiful....a doll to treasure,
    Susan x

  6. Thank you for your lovely comments on Anneke.......

  7. Hello dear friend,
    Anneke is beautiful!!
    she is charming....
    I loved.
    hugs and blessing

  8. What a lovely memory-keepsake from your daddy...

    Have a nice week!

  9. HALLO, nett zu Ihren Handgelenk und mehr für diese, um Ihre Kinder angebracht und ist ein süßes Geschenk für Ihren Vater UNTER SO WICHTIG IMAGINE heißt, Sie werden IMMER Grüße, Rose Marie

  10. what sweet!!!!!! Anneke is ...een schatje!!...
    She is a wonderful memory!!

  11. Wat speciaal dat je haar nog hebt en dat er zoveel mooie herinneringen bij horen ;)
    Fijne zondagavond nog. Groet, Aukje