Diny's Dolls

Diny's Dolls

vrijdag 25 maart 2011

Great news about my give-away / Geweldig nieuws over mijn give-away

As you know I have a give-away. Draw at april 10th
April 9th is my 35th wedding- anniversary. Doll
Shady has a little bear [made by my sister Leny from Lediteds.- Leny and Diny ]
Shady and her little bear are fitting well together.
Shady doesn't want to travel alone to her new family, so I decided that she will take her little bear with her.
My give-away will be Shady and her little bear!!!!
It is my bear because I did buy it from my sister.
Isn't that fun? Can I caunt you in?

The rules are:
1 Give a comment on this post.
2 You must be a follower or become one.
                                                                                    3 At a link at your blog

If you already caunt in and  give a second comment on this post you get two chances!!

If you don't have a blog of your own [ so you can't link] you still can join by rule 1 and 2

Have fun and good luck.........

Zoals jullie weten heb ik een give-away. Trekking op 10 april. 9 april is mijn 35 ste trouwdag.
Pop Shady heeft een kleine beer [ gemaakt door mijn zus Leny van Lediteds  Leny en Diny]
Shady en haar beertje passen goed bij elkaar.
Shady wil niet alleen naar haar nieuwe familie reizen.
       Dus ik heb beslist dat ze haar beertje mee mag.
       Mijn give-away bestaat nu dus uit Shady met haar beertje!!!!
Het is mijn beertje want ik kocht haar van mijn zus.
Is dit niet leuk? Doe je mee?

De regels zijn:
1 Geef een commentaar op dit bericht
2 Je moet volger zijn of worden.
3 Link de give-away aan je blog.

Als je al mee deed en je geeft hier een tweede commentaar krijg je twee kansen!!

Als je zelf geen blog hebt [ en je dus niet kunt linken] kan je toch meedoen al je je houdt aan regel 1 en 2.
Veel plezier en veel geluk!

19 opmerkingen:

  1. Hi Diny,
    what a nice pair!! Wishing you a wonderful and sunny weekend

  2. That is so sweet! Now she has a sweet companion for her trip, just adorable Diny! I'm already entred in the giveaway, have a nice day Hugs, Jennifer :o)

  3. Hui, it's always nice to get a second chance... thank you very much for being so generous.

    Have a great weekend!

  4. Hi, Diny. Happy 35th anniversary in advance. The dolls are lovely. I am from Malaysia and I do understand that we are separated by a huge distance apart and I think I am located for the giveaway but I'm glad to know about your beautiful blog. Thank you very much for following My Nice Flowers. I am following you now and I have also included your link in My Nice Flowers blog under 'Blog Buddies' page. Have a great weekend!

  5. hello my friend, beautiful doll!
    In our blog there is a marriage that you can't lose,ok?
    Happy weekend,

  6. Wow fantastic!!!
    Sweet friends :0)
    Have a nice weekend!

  7. HI,Diny:-)
    The Doll is fantastic-her teddy bear too:-)
    Maybe I will be so lucky that day to win it,who knows...:-)
    Have a Nice Sunday:-)

  8. Awww...how sweet! What a beautiful pair they are and she must be so grateful to have someone to take her journey with:)

    Thank you, Diny, for writing me on my blog and being so sweet yourself.
    I hope you know how much it means to me.


  9. Oh, that´s great. Thank you for your notice on my blog. I didn´t saw, that your lovely teddy is a part of your Candy. I always like a second chance.
    Greetings Iris

  10. Wow! Thank you for your notice on my blog...The little teddy is relly lovely. Thaks for the second chance!! Have a nice week!...hugs.

  11. Dear Diny
    thanks for offering a second chance. The teddy is so cute. Really lovely. I am very curious who is going to win this lovely price. Lots of love, colette

  12. Ohhh wat een schatje is dit beertje, en wat lief dat je haar samen met de pop mee geeft :)

    Liefs Jollie

  13. Ik wens jullie allemaal veel geluk!!!

    I wish you all good luck!!!

  14. Echt een lekker stel ,passen helemaal bij elkaar.
    groetjes Corina

  15. Hi Diny. The little bear is lovely.
    I hope that I'm the happy winner LOL!

  16. Hi, Diny!!! Я с огромным удовольствие участвую! Мишутка с куклой чудные! И я тоже думаю, что Шедди не будет скучно в дороге одной:) Вместе им будет хорошо!

  17. Hello Diny.
    I have just discovered your blog via your sister's blog and both are fabulous! - as are both your creations! Shady and her teddy are just delightful and I hope they would like to travel all the way to Australia where I am from. They would have lots of friends here and as well as me, there are 2 children who just love their cuddly critters and would always welcome new cuddlies!!! Happy wedding anniversary and all the best.
    Hugs from Ro :)

  18. Your blog looks so great!!! And what a sweet dollies you have! Love them!
    xxx Linda

  19. Hi,Diny!
    I wasn't late? A charming couple! I dream of such gift. My birthday on April, 12th!
    Hugs, Alla